What Our Patients Say

Amy Jenner has literally changed my life. I had been struggling through six years of a chronic illness when I met Amy in Feb 2008, and I immediately was drawn to her and her healing tradition. Knowing holistic healing happens slowly, I decided to commit to seeing her for a few months and see what it brought. I continued to see her every week for a whole year and a half, and now I see her twice a month. Her treatments have literally been the only thing I can guarantee will make me feel better. There have been times—many times—when I felt like roasted HELL walking into her office and felt clear, rested and zippy when I walked out. My chronic illness is gone. My gratitude is beyond the scope of words I could write here. Amy is a magician, an alchemist, a lightning bolt of Divine healing.
- Holly Noonan
Amy is an amazing healer! From my first treatment with Amy, I knew that she would be able to provide me with the support and healing I needed from chronic symptoms. She was able to identify the areas of my body that needed extra attention and provide sound advice on future treatment, diet and daily routine. I have been witness to friends who have gone to her for support of cancer treatments and have been blessed with a better quality of life through treatments with her. Amy is a blessing to everyone who crosses her path.
- Karen Hansen
Amy is a sensitive and experienced practitioner of her science, craft and art. She is able to help people at whatever level they are on and to help the next layer of transformation to occur. I highly recommend her and her work to anyone who is ready to have more connection to themselves and their life purpose.
- Maria Skinner
Amy is the most integrous healthcare provider that I have been fortunate to find and work with for the past 11 years. Amy's knowledge, skill, intuitive gifts along with her deep commitment to be in service enable her to get to the root of her client's issues and ultimately facilitate healing. Her treatments have had profound effects on the health and healing for me and my children. She is the real deal!
- Susie Duffy-Tickner